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OBIS is a network monitoring and provisioning product, currently being used mainly in Radio Access Network equipments. OBIS has its own authorization system as well as two-factor authentication. Based on user profiles, system provides real time network outage information via directly communicating with network equipment in real-time. After initial site-status synchronization is completed upon search, system allows users to startup/shutdown services based on radio access types (2G/3G/4g etc.) and service type (data,voice, both) on base stations directly. Product has notification modules which allows fast-integration to external systems such as SMS gateways, fault management products, ticketing systems etc… Enhanced logging mechanisms and reporting modules can be used to historically search every action taken by the users.

Network Topology

We offer pre-rendered offline map solutions depending on your own requirements, hence decreasing unnecessary license requirements and delays because of internet requests. Your own map solution, limited to your area of interest, will work fast, decoupled from internet and connection problems. Network topology solution, built on top of offline map solution, communicates with network management systems directly, gathering all network equipment information, from equipment container level to port layer, together with transmission line details, enriching this information with external resources like asset management systems to get location information. After all the necessary network topology information is gathered in real-time, product communicates with the management systems again for alarm information to visualize network’s up-to-date status on the map. Alarm information is filtered based on the customer requirements to reflect the network status to the end user/operation engineers. Direct integration with management systems, eliminates any mid-layer integration issues like filtering and matching alarm problems, communication issues etc..


Project Management

As NGSS, we provide Project Management services to ensure your projects are successfully delivered, by managing the project’s budget, timeline and scope professionally.

OSS-RC / Network Manager

Ericsson OSS-RC is a comprehensive domain manager for Ericsson’s network infrastructure. Deployed with operators around the world it integrates and manages a wide range of network components covering the radio access network, circuit and packet core and IMS as well as a range of other applications. Used together with our IP and Broadband offering it builds a comprehensive solution for total network management of the telecommunications infrastructure.

Ericsson Network Manager is a collection of virtual management functions based on a single software platform designed to provide unified network management capability across Radio access, Transport, and Core networks. Ericsson Network Manager provides a consolidated operational environment for all technology domains 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G evolution, 5G, mobile core, Microwave, Front haul, Ericsson Mobile backhaul, NFV, SDN and including multi-vendor capabilities. Ericsson Network Manager is a modular set of applications providing management tools towards the hybrid network in terms traditional FCAPS but also in terms of orchestration, automation, optimisation and analytics to simplify, make efficient and abstract network operations, planning and activation.


The ServiceOn Element Manager (ServiceOn EM) is a highly scalable management application capable of supporting Ericsson’s Optical, Microwave, Broadband Access products. Built on years of experience, it provides a common environment for the equipment focused management.

Cloud Execution Environment

Ericsson Cloud Execution Environment is the virtualization, control and management layer in the Ericsson Cloud System portfolio and in our NFVi solution. It is a cloud platform securing that several applications, such as virtual network functions, can share the infrastructure resources in terms of compute, storage and network.

IBM Netcool & Maximo

Our delivery team, with its vast OSS portfolio knowledge, ensures that IBM Netcool Network Management and Control Desk products are installed, implemented and integrated to your environment, and tailed to your needs. Software development team, together with the engineering professionals, develops supportive/complementary software to further enhance the capabilities of the existing products such as Netcool and Control Desk.


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